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Each one of our Workforce Solutions brings unique advantages to your business.

At OpTech Staffing, we listen to what your company needs to succeed. We match those needs with the right person that can fill that role. We consider YOUR success, our success! And know, that with the right collaboration, we’ll be able to achieve those goals for your company.

OpTech Staffing has options for you when you need to add to your team.

Want to preview a candidate’s on-the-job performance before you make a permanent hiring decision? A temp-to-hire solution can give you that opportunity. Great solution should you need to delay a permanent hire due to market uncertainty.

Need to add a permanent employee to your team? OpTech Staffing gives you access to a selection of candidates in the market, including those not actively looking for a job. Our candidate sourcing and selection process targets top talent and validates their qualifications to ensure you make an optimal hire.

Looking for a more strategic and cost-effective way to manage your workforce?

Our Workforce Management Solutions can help.

This solution offers dedicated on-site support for your workforce needs. With this solution, our team acts as an extension of your HR department, fulfilling the day-to-day staffing requirements of your business.

Managed Staffing
Our Managed Staffing solution applies our knowledge, tools, and technology to your HR practices. With this solution, we handle all the administrative and technology functions of your hiring process, allowing you to source, recruit, hire, and manage your team more effectively.

Work History Verification
Reference Checks
Drug Testing
Criminal Background Check
Skill and Aptitude Evaluation per client